Un Sentimiento Que Se Baila

If you are not prepared to feel strong emotions… you will not learn to dance Tango.

Because Tango is a man and a woman with all its past, present and future that embrace each other to create a new universe in three minutes.

Two histories that come, merge together and create another that is written in the air around the movement. History that one installs in the memory to modify yourself.

Because Tango strips you, makes you open and exposes you to yourself. It relaxes you, shows your essence, it takes things in you from inside, buried so deep beyond your conscience.

Because Tango is provocative. It is erotic, it proposes sexual feelings without sex.

The glances, the breaths, the silence, the perfumes and ….the music!

For these reasons… if you are not ready to feel these strong emotions… you do not write nor call me… because I can not teach you… because you will not learn to dance

T A N G O!


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