Dance student will be oriented to the following:

  1. Knowledge in handling of own axis
  2. Balance
  3. Recognize handling of change of weight
  4. Sensibility and perception to the mark
  5. Marking
  6. Fluidity and freedom of movement
  7. Relaxation
  8. Musicality
  9. Improvisation
  10. Navigation on the dance floor
  11. Codes of Milonga

The Tango Style Salon is a very elegant Tango with passages of an average length extension and with an important number of figures recognized "at the dance floor" without elevations. It can be danced in close and open embrace, but not with the inclination of Milonguero Style, avoiding the transmission of weight of a dancer unto the other. My classes are oriented to train the person to dance as if alone, getting used to support at all time his balance. In this way, when the man meet his dance partner in embrace, it adds his balance to the other and generates a soft, dynamic, easy and pleasant dance. At any moment, look for the relaxation of the back so that the body will respond with speed and increased its interpretative capacity and improvisation.

My women student knows of my representative phrases, the idea of position and intention: "She dances as Queen and dances like a Cat"!

And to my men student: "He leads as if he is guiding a school transport with many responsibility, precision, care and safety"!

When the man knows the woman will not be a "dead weight" to transport, and she is balanced, sensible, perceptive and sensual, and when the woman knows that the man is balanced, kind, safe and musical... she gives herself in and the man receives her... and appears the Tango!