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Horacio RazettiHoracio José Razetti

E-mail: info@tango-classes.com
Telephone: (0054911) 5336-0744

Master of Argentine Tango
Singer, Musician
Author and Composer
Buenos Aires - Argentina


Associate of the Society Argentina of Authors and Composers of Music SADAIC

Studies at the Higher National Conservatory of Music "Lopez Buchardo", City of Buenos Aires, Rep. Argentina, for the National Professorship

Cancionística's studies in the Tango with the Poet and Composer Virgilio Expósito.

Studies at the School Argentina of Tango, in the Cultural Center Borges, City of Buenos Aires.

Studies with teachers milongueros as Alejandro Filardi, Eduardo Saucedo, Emilio Federico, Jose Vazquez.

At present giving private lessons to pupils from a diversity of countries like: Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Poland, Japan, the USA, Canada, Guatemala, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Bolivia, Chile, Brazil, and more.